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1000 Most Common French Words

Vocabulary App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Get 1000 French words for iPhone

Increase your French vocabulary the smart way by learning the words that you will really need. The list of 1000 most frequent French words teaches you the words that are used in the majority of situations.

The various forms of the top 1000 French words are used in the majority of spoken situations. Learning these words early in your study will have a significant impact on your mastery of the French language. The top 1000 words are used in everyday conversations, print media, books, radio and TV - these are the must-know words wherever you go to French-speaking countries.

We have included pronunciation of words by native French speakers to help you pronounce the words correctly. The materials have been verified by native French speakers, so you can be sure that you get the correct pronunciation and translations right from the start.

✰ Must-have for any French learner ✰

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• Pronunciation by native French speakers

• High-quality audio recordings

• Learn French words with English translations

• Accurate IPA transcription

• Search for words in French and English

• No Internet connection required

• Ad-free


• Learn the most essential French words

• Hear how native speakers pronounce the words

• Study many different meanings of the words

• Take advantage of accurate IPA transcription

• Faster learning curve


• Save French words to Favorites for review

• Display a random word from the list

• Easy navigation with 25-word blocks

• Replay audio as many times as you want

Do you want to know which French words are ranked #1 and #1000? Find out inside, plus much more, including pronunciation, translations and audio recordings.

Get 1000 French words for iPhone