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French Alphabet Lesson
This lesson teaches how to pronounce the letters of the French alphabet. In addition, you will learn about French accents and ligatures. Knowing the French alphabet and letter names will help you to spell French words and is very helpful when you are just starting to learn French.

Q: How many letters are there in the French alphabet?
The French alphabet consists of 26 letters that are borrowed from the Latin alphabet. French letters look the same as English letters but pronounced differently. Watch the videos below to perfect your pronunciation of the French alphabet.

French Alphabet by Omniglot
A page about French alphabet and pronunciation by Omniglot, a leading guide to the writing systems and languages of the world. Includes the differences in the pronunciation of Canadian French and sample texts.

The French alphabet by BBC

This page is great for polishing your French spelling skills. You can click on the letters of the French alphabet and hear their names. This will set you on the right track to spelling your own name or address in French without hesitating.

French Alphabet for Kids
A series of pages to help teach the French alphabet to kids. The letters of the alphabet are painted in bright colors and each letter is accompanied by pronunciation and example words.

French Alphabet Song
Connaissez-vous les lettres de l’alphabet? (Do you know the letters of the alphabet?) Listen to the sample of the song and order the CD or download if you like it.

Pronunciation of French Alphabet
Although this page is very simple and features nothing more than audio recordings and transcription of the French letters and words, we find that the quality of the sound files is very good and will help you to master the French alphabet faster.

Alphabet in French
Click on a letter to hear it pronounced. Then try to spell a few French names.

French Alphabet Videos

french alphabet

L'alphabet en chantant - French alphabet song
A French alphabet song for kids and adults alike. Listen to it and you won't be able to get it out of your head until you know the alphabet by heart!

french alphabet Learn French - Alphabet Minuscules
A popular two-minute video with pronunciation of the French alphabet from Imagiers.net. You may search for other versions of the video in the 'Related Videos' section.
french alphabet Phonetic Alphabet
A great video that shows how to move your jaw, lips and mouth in order to say the French letters. It goes slowly enough for you to take your time and repeat after the instructor.
french alphabet French Alphabet - Alphabet français
Pronunciation of each French letter is repeated three times with letters shown on the French flag background. Developed by French101.Me
french alphabet L'alphabet français
Listen to the letters of the French alphabet and how to use them in actual words.
french alphabet Learn French - Alphabet Minuscules
French alphabet spoken by a native speaker Natalie.