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French Adjectives

Lessons, links and resources about all aspects of French adjectives.

Introduction to French adjectives
Learn about agreement of French adjectives with nouns, how to form feminine and plural adjectives, whether to place adjectives after or before the noun. Study demonstratives, possessives, indefinites, odd plurals, -Er & -Et endings, and much more.

Gender of Adjectives
The default form of the French adjective is masculine singular (dictionary form). Learn the endings used to form feminine and plural adjectives.

List of Basic French adjectives
Increase your vocabulary with these French adjectives commonly used to describe physical qualities of people, objects, weather conditions, feelings and emotions.

French Adjectives
Definition of the French adjective and agreement of adjectives with nouns or pronouns they modify.

Q: What is an adjective?
An adjective is a word (part of speech) that is used to describe nouns and pronouns. In French, adjectives must agree in gender and number with nouns they modify. In addition, adjectives are normally placed after the nouns they describe. For example, "blue eyes" is translated to French as "les yeux bleus".

Possessive adjectives

French Possessive Adjectives
Learn how to express that something belongs to someone or something with the French possessive adjectives "mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, test, son, sa..." (my, your, his, her...)

Flashcards: French Possessive Adjectives
Familiarize yourself with French possessive adjectives by flipping each card to see the French translations or viewing both sides of the flashcard at the same time.

Test: French Possessive Adjectives
Take a quick test if you already know the words for French possessive adjectives.

Possessive Adjectives
A lesson on French possessive adjectives with examples and audio recordings.

Attributive adjectives

French Attributive Adjectives
Known as l'adjectif épithète in French, the attributive adjectives make it possible to describe an optional attribute of the noun. The attributive adjectives refers to the noun phrase of which it is a part. For example, you can say "une jeune fille" (a young girl) or "un bel anniversaire" (a beautiful birthday).

Adjectif épithète ou attribut?
A lesson on difference between the attributive adjectives and attributes, with video and exercises. Available in French only.

Demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives
The French demonstrative adjectives include "ce (cet), cette, ces" (this/that, these/those). They point out which person, object or concept is being referred to, whether it is singular or plural, and whether it is near or far from the speaker.

Demonstrative Adjectives
A lesson on demonstrative adjectives with video, pictures and exercises.

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
A basic grammar lesson on French demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

Interrogative adjectives

French Interrogative Adjectives
An introduction to French interrogative adjective "quel" (which? what?) and its forms "quelle, quels, quelles" (feminine singular, masculine plural, feminine plural).

Asking Questions
Learn how to ask questions using interrogative adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.

Indefinite adjectives

Indefinite Adjectives
Study the most common indefinite adjectives in French, including: aucun(e), autre(s), certain(e)(s), chaque, différent(e)(s), divers(e)(es), maint(e)(s), même(s), and several others.

French Indefinite Adjectives
A simple lesson on indefinite adjectives with usage examples.

French Adjectives Videos

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