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French Names for Girls

Whether you are contemplating a French baby name or need one for your French class, this page provides over 100 French first names to choose from. It includes popular French names for girls, their meanings and closest English equivalents. Some of the names on the list originate from Old French (e.g. Emma, Florence, Jacqueline) while others are common choices when naming a baby nowadays. Whatever your circumstances, the table below will be helpful on your way to picking the best French name and finding the meaning behind it..

Top French names for girls are:
Emma, Lea, Manon, Clara, Chloe, Camille, Sarah, Oceane, Jade

Old French girls's names that gain popularity:
Adèle, Adeline, Alice, Ameline, Bernadette, Florence, Raina

French name English version Meaning
Adèle Adela good humor
Adélaïde Adelia noble sort
Adrienne Adriana Adriatic sea, dark
Agathe Agatha good, honorable
Agnès Agnes pure, holy
Aimée Amy dearly loved
Alexandrie Alexandria defender of mankind (from male Alexandre)
Alice Alice noble, exalted
Amélie Amelia hard working
Anastasie Anastasia resurrection
Andréa Andrea brave (from male Andrew)
Anne Ann grace, favour
Anouk Anna grace, favour
Antoinette Antoinette beyond praise
Arielle Abrielle, Ardelle lion of God
Astrid Astri fair, beautiful goddess
Audrey Audrey noble strength
Aurélie Arlea golden
Aurore Aurora dawn
Bella Bella, Della beautiful
Belle Belle fair, lovely
Bernadette - brave as a bear
Cadence Cadence, Darence rhythmic
Camille Camilia altar server
Capucine - cowl, cape, hood
Caroline Caroline song of happiness
Catherine Catherine pure
Cécile Cecilia sixth child; blind
Céline - sky, heaven
Chantal - place of stones
Charlotte Charlotte tiny and feminine (from male Charles)
Christelle - crystal
Chloe - blooming
Clara Clara clear, bright
Christiane - follower of Christ
Christine Christine follower of Christ
Claire Clara clear, bright
Claude Claudia lame
Clémence - merciful, mild, gentle
Colette - victory of the people
Constance Constance steadfast
Corinne - maiden
Danielle Danielle God is my Judge
Denise Denise God of wine
Diane Diane divine
Dominique Dominica lord
Dorothée Dorothy gift of God
Édith Edith riches or blessed + war
Éléonore Eleanor shining light
Élisabeth Elisabeth consecrated to God
Élise Elisa God is my oath
Ella Ella all
Élodie - wealthy, riches
Emma Emma whole, completeness
Emile Emily industrious
Emmanuelle Emmanuelle God is among us
Florence Florence blossoming, flourishing
Françoise Frances Frenchwoman
Frédérique Frederica peaceful ruler
Gabrielle Gabrielle woman of God
Hélène Helen bright one
Henriette Henrietta homeland, rich, powerful
Inès Inez pure, chaste
Isabelle Isabel God is my oath
Jacqueline Jacqueline Yahweh may protect (from male Jacques)
Jeanne Joan, Jane Yahweh is gracious
Jeannine Janine Yahweh is gracious
Joséphine Josephine Yahweh will add another son
Julie Julia downy, youthful
Juliette Juliette Jupiter's child, downy
Lauren Laura laurel, bay
Lorraine Lorraine laurel, from Lothair's Kingdom
Louise Louise fame, loud, fighter (from male Louis)
Lucie Lucy bright, born at daybreak
Madeleine Madeline of Magdala, tower
Margaux Margot pearl
Marianne Mariana Maria + Anna
Marie Mary bitter
Marine Marina of the sea
Marthe Martha lady
Mathilde Mathilda mighty in battle
Michelle Michelle gift from God
(from male name Michael)
Monique Monica wise
Nathalie Nathalie born on Christmas
Nicole Nicole victory of the people
(from male name Nicholas)
Noelle - birthday (from male Noel)
Noémie Naomi sweetness, my delight
Océane Oceana ocean, father of the water nymphs
Olivie Olivia olive tree
Patricia Patricia noblewoman
Paulette Paula little, humble
Pauline Pauline little, humble
Pénélope Penelope duck, thread, web, voice
Raina Laina queen
Renée Renee born again
Sabine Sabina Sabine woman, catlike
Simone Simona she who hears
Sophie Sophia wisdom
Stéphanie Stephanie crown, wreath
Susanne Susan lily
Sylvie Sylvia woman of the woods
Thérèse Theresa hunger, harvest, guardian
Valentine Valentina healthy, strong
Valérie Valerie healthy, strong
Véronique Veronica bearer of victory
Victoire Victoria victory
Virginie Virginia virgin
Zara Sarah princess, lady
Zoé Zoe life

Please note that this table includes only French female names. If you are looking for a male name you need to check out a page dedicated to French baby names for boys.