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This page includes French grammar lessons, verb conjugations, parts of speech, exercises, quizzes and other resources to help you master French grammar. It covers topics of interest for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of French.

French Nouns French Nouns
Learn everything about French nouns, including noun gender, singular and plural French nouns, compound nouns, nouns with two genders, articles and much more.

French Verbs French Verbs
Everything about French verbs, including definition, verb conjugations, tenses, mood, voice, irregular French verbs, lists of most common verbs, and many other topics.

French Adjectives French Adjectives
Learn French adjectives in all shades and flavours. Topics include introduction to adjectives, special forms, adverbial adjectives, attributive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, determiners, interrogative adjectives, and others.

French Pronouns French Pronouns
A collection of lessons to help you master French pronouns. Topics include direct and indirect object, relative pronouns, interrogative and demonstrative pronouns.

Grammar topics

Please note that we regularly update this page with new French lessons. Here's the list of grammar topics that will be featured on this page shortly:

  • French Verbs
  • French Nouns
  • French Adjectives
  • French Numbers
  • French Conjunctions
  • French Prepositions
  • French Adverbs
  • Agreement in French Language
  • French Sentence Structure