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French Verbs - Tense, Mood, Voice

Everything about French verbs: introduction to verbs, verb conjugations, tenses, mood, voice, irregular French verbs, lists of most common verbs, and many other topics.

Introduction to French Verbs
A lesson about the basics of French verbs.

French Verb Conjugator
Use this French verb conjugator to find the conjugations of more than a thousand French verbs.

681 Most Common French Verbs
Download a list of 681 most common French verbs with English translations. The list is available in Adobe PDF format with and without highlights.

Q: What is a verb?
A verb is a word that shows action or a state of being. In the French language, all verbs have to be conjugated, which means that they take different forms depending on the subject. There are 5 categories of French verbs: -ER verbs, -IR verbs, and -RE verbs (aka regular verbs), stem-changing verbs, and irregular verbs.

Top French verbs
Discover ten most common French verbs with English translations, lessons and conjugations. Test your conjugation expertise with the conjugation quizzes.

French Present Tense
An introduction to the present tense of French verbs, which is used to express current actions and situations, habitual actions, absolute and general facts, actions which will occur immediately, and certain conditions.

French Future Tense
A lesson on the French future tense, which is used to talk about upcoming and future events.

Passé composé - French Compound Past Tense
Learn about Passé composé, the most common French past tense used to talk about one or more actions which completed or repeated a number of times in the past.

French Imperfect - Incomplete past tense
A lesson on the French Imperfect, a descriptive past tense used to express continuous, repeated actions or incomplete actions.

French Reflexive Verbs
A grammatical explanation of French reflexive verbs and their conjugations to different tenses.

Conjugating Reflexive Verbs
You may have used French reflexive verbs in a construction like "Je m' appelle" (My name is). This lesson gives a quick intro into French reflexive verbs and their conjugations.

What is the subjunctive?
The definition of the French subjunctive mood with examples. This topic of subjunctive is suitable for intermediate French students.

French Subjunctive
This lesson will clarify the difficulties you may have about the subjunctive mood in French. It consists of three parts that teach how to conjugate the present subjunctive of regular verbs and irregular verbs, as well as how to use the subjunctive.

Irregular French verbs
In contrast to regular verbs, irregular French verbs fall outside the standard patterns of conjugation. This reference provides conjugation tables for 24 most useful irregular verbs, including "Être" (to be), "aller" (to go), "avoir" (to have), "boire" (to drink), "connaitre" (to know), "devoir" (to have to), "dire" (to say) and others.

Regular -IR French Verbs
This lesson shows how to conjugate a regular -IR verb in the present tense.

Regular -RE French Verbs
This lesson on conjugation of a small group of verbs sharing the regular -RE conjugation pattern.

Conjugaison française
A wikipedia article about conjugation of French verbs. Available in French only. Click here for automatic English translation via Google Translate.

French Verb Videos

french adjectives Conjugation of -er verbs, Subject pronouns This lesson will introduce you into French subject pronouns and teach how to conjugate French regular -ER verbs in under five minutes. It also teaches affirmative and negative sentences.
french adjectives -IR verbs in the Present Tense Learn about -IR verbs, affirmative and negative statements, and "Yes" and "No" questions using subject pronouns.
french adjectives Conjugation of -RE verbs This lesson looks at the conjugation of -RE verbs in French.
Learn French - Adjectifs démonstratifs Irregular verbs - Near future - Recent past These irregular verbs are very important to know about: "aller" (to go), "avoir" (to have), "etre" (to be), "faire" (to make, do). The lesson also covers the "near future" and "recent past" grammatical constructions.
Learn French - Adjectifs démonstratifs The verb Être Learn how to conjugate the verbs "Être" (to be), "aller" (to go), "avoir" (to have), and several others.
Learn French - Adjectifs démonstratifs French verb - Être - Présent Conjugation table for the verb "Être" in the present tense.