French Vocabulary

Expand your French vocabulary with the following French lessons and articles.

1000 Most Common French Words
When learning a foreign language, it always a good idea to learn the most common words first. This frequency list of French words will help you to do just that. It provides top 1000 French words, their English translations and whether it's a noun, verb, adjective, preposition or another part of speech. A must have for any beginning to intermediate student of French.

Days of the Week in French
Learn how to say the days of the week in French—from Monday to Sunday, plus a few handy words that are commonly used in connection with scheduling and planning activities.

French Word of the Day
Learn and listen to a new French word every day.

French Colors
This lesson teaches French words for colors. You will be able to name all the primary colors and their light and dark shades in no time. The agreement of French colors with nouns and pronouns is also explained.

French Numbers
Learn how to say French numbers from zero to a billion. This lesson is a good starting point to memorize the simple numbers from zero to twenty, as well as put together more complex combinations.

Useful French phrases
Learn some of the most useful French words and phrases. This lesson includes English translation and pronunciation of French phrases for a variety of situations. It is especially helpful for aspiring Francophiles and travelers who do not have much time before their trip to a French-speaking country.

Swadesh List for Romance Languages
This list will help you to compare French to other Romance languages and learn the most common words in French. The Swadesh list features 207 lemmas along with their English, French, Spanish and Italian translations. A mush-have tool for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of French.

French Months of the Year
Learn how to say the months in French. This lesson includes pronunciation, English translations and related calendar terms.