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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have learned the first 300 most used French words. Please, see the index of common French words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 201-300

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
201. cet this, that (before vowel and mute h) (see #25, 73, 99) demonstrative adjective
202. main hand noun
203. cela this, that (used in formal contexts and expressions) (see #20) demonstrative pronoun
204. vite quickly, fast, soon adverb
205. oublier to forget, miss verb
206. air air; look, appearance, manner noun
207. salut greeting; Hi!, Hello!, Bye! (see #180) noun, onomatopoeia
208. fils son noun
209. travailler to work, work on, practise verb
210. moins less adverb
211. tête head, face noun
212. coup blow, shot, kick, punch noun
213. écouter to listen to verb
214. raison reason noun
215. manger to eat verb
216. amour love, love affair, cupid noun
217. entrer to go in, enter, come in verb
218. dont whose, of which relative pronoun, interrogative pronoun
219. nouveau new, fresh noun, adjective
220. devenir to become verb
221. hein what?, eh?, Huh? (familiar) onomatopoeia
222. commencer to start, begin verb
223. merde shit (vulgar), bull, crap, damn onomatopoeia, noun
224. moment moment, while, point noun
225. voiture car, coach, carriage noun
226. vieux old; old man, old woman adjective, noun
227. demain tomorrow adverb
228. revoir to see again, review; goodbye; french.languagedaily.com noun, verb
229. elles they (refers to a group of feminine nouns or females) personal pronoun
230. payer to pay verb
231. fou mad, crazy; madman, fool adjective, noun
232. tirer to pull, draw verb
233. ouvrir to open verb
234. oeil eye, view (= œil) (plural is yeux) noun
235. fait event, fact noun
236. changer to change, exchange verb
237. question question, matter noun
238. tomber to fall verb
239. assez enough, quite, fairly adverb
240. foutre (slang) to do, give, put on; (vulgar) to have sex, to masturbate verb
241. excuser to forgive, pardon, excuse verb
242. affaire affiar, business noun
243. dormir to sleep; to lie idle verb
244. combien how much, how many adverb
245. frère brother noun
246. travail wor, labor, employment noun
247. idée idea, opinion noun
248. eh hey! onomatopoeia
249. puis next, then, besides, plus (in addition) conjunction, adverb
250. famille family; languagedaily dot com noun
251. truc trick, knack, thing noun
252. trois three numerical adjective
253. tant much, so much adverb
254. souvenir memory, souvenir; to remember verb, noun
255. ni nor, or (negative) conjunction
256. tous everything, all (plural) indefinite pronoun
257. occuper to occupy, live in, take up verb
258. entre between, among preposition
259. ok OK; okay (satisfactory) adjective, adverb
260. marcher to walk, march, go verb
261. chance luck, fortune, chance noun
262. aujourd'hui today, nowadays adverb
263. envoyer to send, throw, dispatch, refer verb
264. histoire history, story noun
265. jeune young, youthful; young person adjective, noun
266. tard late adverb
267. apprendre to learn, to hear (about) verb
268. minute minute noun
269. boire to drink (consume alcohol), to soak up verb
270. garder to keep, to look after, to guard verb
271. quelques some (quantity), small number, a few indefinite adjective
272. type type, kind; guy (colloquial) noun
273. porte gate, door noun
274. montrer to show, point out verb
275. mec guy, bloke noun
276. asseoir to sit down, sit up verb
277. porter to carry, wear verb
278. attention attention onomatopoeia, noun
279. année year noun
280. sous under preposition
281. prêt ready adjective
282. contre against preposition
283. prier to pray verb
284. pendant for, during preposition
285. mois month noun
286. meilleur better; the best one adjective, noun
287. servir to serve verb
288. madame madam, Mrs noun
289. putain whore, hooker noun
290. écrire to write verb
291. part part, share noun
292. eau water noun
293. sang blood noun
294. place room, square, seat noun
295. espérer to hope for verb
296. plein full, solid adjective, preposition
297. désoler to distress, upset verb
298. eux them, they personal pronoun
299. retrouver to find; to meet verb
300. ville town, city noun


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