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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have become familiar with the first 400 most used French words. Please, see the index of most used words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 301-400

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
301. terre earth, ground noun
302. gagner to win, earn verb
303. semaine week noun
304. acheter to buy verb
305. longtemps long, for a long time adverb
306. gars boy, chap, guy (see #342) noun
307. chambre bedroom, chamber noun
308. Hey! (to attract attention) onomatopoeia
309. côté coast, slope, side noun
310. droit law, right; straight noun, adjective
311. rappeler to remind, remember, call back, be reminiscent of verb
312. lire to read verb
313. cas case, instance noun
314. mot word noun
315. seulement only, solely adverb
316. voici here is, here are preposition
317. monter to go up, rise, come up verb
318. désolé contrite, desolate, afraid, sorry adjective
319. quitter to leave, depart verb
320. police police noun
321. suite rest, result, continuation french.languagedaily.com noun
322. matin morning noun
323. emmener to take (somebody), take along verb
324. toucher to touch verb
325. continuer to continue, go on verb
326. devant in front, ahead; in front of, ahead of, past, before preposition, adverb
327. fort strong, solid; loud, much, most adverb, adjective
328. gros big, large, thick, heavy adjective
329. enfin finally, at last adverb
330. pardon I'm sorry!, Excuse me!, Pardon?; forgiveness onomatopoeia, noun
331. mari husband noun
332. là-bas there, over there adverb
333. importer to import; to matter verb
334. papa daddy, dad noun
335. train train, pace noun
336. manquer to miss, to miss somebody verb
337. raconter to tell verb
338. ensemble together, at once adverb
339. mauvais bad, poor, wrong adjective
340. film film, movie noun
341. répondre to answer, reply verb
342. garçon boy, chap, guy (see #306) noun
343. chéri darling, loved; boyfriend, girlfriend, beloved noun, adjective
344. corps body noun
345. celui the one, that one (singular masculine) (see #408, 543) demonstrative pronoun
346. autres other indefinite pronoun
347. heureux happy, felicitous adjective
348. loin far, a long way off, a long time ago adverb
349. aucun no, not any; none (see #399) indefinite adjective, indefinite pronoun
350. pauvre poor; poor person, beggar adjective, noun
351. sauver to save; languagedaily dot com verb
352. chaque each, every indefinite adjective
353. retourner to turn, turn over, return (see #404) verb
354. leurs theirs (3rd person masculine or feminine plural) possessive adjective
355. rencontrer to meet, encounter verb
356. coeur core, heart noun
357. voler to flly; to steal, swipe verb
358. fermer to close, shut verb
359. car because, for (see #186) conjunction
360. valoir to hold, apply; to be worth verb
361. descendre to take down, go down, come down verb
362. feu fire noun
363. docteur doctor, physician (see #548) noun
364. suffire to be enough, suffice verb
365. façon way, manner, behaviour noun
366. important important, considerable, sizeable adjective
367. sembler to seem, appear, look verb
368. super great, fantastic; high-octane gasoline adjective, noun
369. compter to count verb
370. vers towards, near, around, about (time, age) preposition
371. joli nice, tidy, pretty (attractive), lovely (beautiful) adjective
372. point dot, full stop, period noun
373. noir black; black man/woman adjective, noun
374. hier yesterday adverb
375. chien dog noun
376. guerre war noun
377. genre kind, type, sort noun
378. marier to marry, get married verb
379. arme weapon noun
380. cause cause, reason noun
381. endroit place noun
382. ordre order, command noun
383. poser to put down, lay, pose, sit verb
384. reste the remainder, rest noun
385. pied foot; stem, leg, base noun
386. envie desire, urge, craving noun
387. près near preposition, adverb
388. fin end, ending noun
389. tiens Why!, Hello! (surprise) onomatopoeia
390. inquiéter to worry, bother, trouble verb
391. d'autres others; more indefinite adjective, indefinite pronoun
392. bouger to move verb
393. plutôt rather, quite adverb
394. apporter to bring, supply verb
395. photo photo, photography noun
396. décider to decide verb
397. ainsi like this, in this way adverb
398. certain certain, sure adjective, indefinite adjective
399. aucune no, not any, in no way (see #349) indefinite adjective
400. vendre to sell verb


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