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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have learned the first 700 most used French words. Please, see the index of common French words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 701-800

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
701. parole speech, word noun
702. triste sad adjective
703. honte shame noun
704. rouge red adjective
705. dégager to free; to clear; to radiate verb
706. soirée evening, party noun
707. dangereux dangerous adjective
708. armée army noun
709. filer to spin; to take off; to go off, to leave verb
710. risquer to risk verb
711. dos back, spine noun
712. appel call, appeal noun
713. visite visit noun
714. mener to take; to lead, guide, manage verb
715. fleur flower, blossom noun
716. attaquer to attack verb
717. coin corner, spot noun
718. prince prince noun
719. pire worse adjective
720. bordel brothel; bloody/gooddamn mess noun
721. professeur teacher, professor noun
722. fumer to smoke verb
723. répéter to repeat; to go over, rehearse verb
724. habitude habit, practice; french.languagedaily.com noun
725. signer to sign verb
726. ficher to file, put on file verb
727. mériter to deserve, be worth; french.languagedaily.com verb
728. réponse response, answer, reply noun
729. rejoindre to meet up; to join, rejoin; to go back to verb
730. discuter to question, dispute verb
731. village village noun
732. pourtant yet adverb
733. avancer to move forward, advance verb
734. connerie stupidity noun
735. reposer to rest, to have a rest verb
736. échapper to escape, get away, slip, run away verb
737. forme form, shape noun
738. bruit noise, sound; rumour noun
739. chacun each, everyone indefinite pronoun
740. diable devil noun
741. exemple example noun
742. charger to charge, load verb
743. chat cat noun
744. ennemi enemy noun
745. gamin kid, child (see #674) noun
746. rendez-vous appointment noun
747. debout standing, standing up adverb
748. obliger to oblige verb
749. trou hole, gap, deficit noun
750. accompagner to go with, accompany verb
751. fenêtre window; languagedaily dot com noun
752. oser to dare verb
753. impression impression noun
754. intérieur inside (inner surface), interrior noun
755. bouche mouth noun
756. ligne line, course, service noun
757. absolument absolutely adverb
758. doux soft, mild, gentle adjective
759. regretter verb
760. mur noun
761. enfer noun
762. prouver verb
763. boîte noun
764. santé noun
765. t personal pronoun
766. couvrir verb
767. magnifique adjective
768. obtenir verb
769. cuisine noun
770. vue noun
771. terrible adjective
772. éviter verb
773. peau noun
774. salaud noun
775. conseil noun
776. plaisanter verb
777. autour adverb
778. vin noun
779. exact adjective
780. virer verb
781. supporter verb
782. régler verb
783. doigt noun
784. étrange adjective
785. grâce preposition
786. souhaiter verb
787. mission noun
788. créer verb
789. chanson noun
790. pote noun
791. surveiller verb
792. simplement adverb
793. recommencer verb
794. robe noun
795. chaud adjective
796. billet noun
797. spécial adjective
798. moyen noun
799. sympa adjective
800. vaisseau noun


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