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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have learned the first 100 must learn French words. Please, see the index of most used French words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 51-100

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
51. au at the, to the, in the (contraction of à + le; used with a singular masculine noun) definite article
52. avec with preposition
53. moi I, me personal pronoun
54. si yes; if; so, such adverb, conjunction
55. quoi what (exclamatory, interrogative, after preposition) adjective, relative pronoun, interrogative pronoun
56. devoir to have to, must; duty, test verb, noun
57. oui yes adverb
58. ils they (refers to a group of masculine or mixed masculine/feminine nouns) personal pronoun
59. comme as, like; how, same conjunction, adverb
60. s' himself, herself, themselves (variation of "se" used before a word starting with a vowel or mute h) personal pronoun, conjunction
61. venir to come, occur verb
62. sur on, upon; over (preposition); sour (adjective) preposition, adjective
63. toi you personal pronoun
64. ici here adverb
65. rien nothing indefinite pronoun
66. lui he, him, it, her personal pronoun
67. bon good, right, kind; good!; voucher; then; french.languagedaily.com adjective, onomatopoeia, noun, adverb
68. there, here, then adverb
69. suivre to follow verb
70. pourquoi why adverb, conjunction
71. parler to speak, talk verb
72. prendre to take, get verb
73. cette this, that (feminine singular) demonstrative adjective
74. quand when, whenever conjunction
75. alors then; so; hence adverb
76. une chose thing, matter noun
77. par per, by, through, out of preposition
78. son his, her, its (possessive adjective); sound (noun - le son) possessive adjective
79. croire to believe, think verb
80. aimer to love, like, be fond of verb
81. falloir it is necessary, must, have to verb
82. comment how; what adverb, conjunction, onomatopoeia
83. très very adverb
84. ou or; either… or conjunction
85. passer to pass, go by, cross verb
86. penser to think verb
87. aussi also, too adverb
88. jamais never adverb
89. attendre to wait for, expect verb
90. trouver to find verb
91. laisser to leave verb
92. petit small, little, young (adjective); languagedaily dot com; kid, child (masculine noun) adjective, noun
93. merci thanks, thank you onomatopoeia, noun
94. même same; even, so much as, as adverb, adjective
95. sa his, her, its (feminine) possessive adjective
96. ta your (reminine) possessive adjective
97. autre other, another, different (singular) adjective, indefinite pronoun
98. arriver to arrive verb
99. ces these, those (plural form of masculine "ce" and feminine "cette") demonstrative adjective
100. donner to give, give away verb


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