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French Specialized Dictionaries

Specialty French terms and expressions come from astronomy, music, architecture, fiber optics and other specialized topics. The links below will help you to spot the right specialty dictionary for your needs.

ABC de bibliophilie

L'ABC des réseaux - Networking Dictionary

English-French Dictionary of Computer Science Acronyms

The Astronomy Thesaurus (English - German - Italian - Spanish)

Base Autisme - Autism Vocabulary

Base Fibre optique - Fiber Optics Vocabulary

Base Freinage - Automobile's Brakes Vocabulary

Base "Hubble" - Hubble Telescope Vocabulary

Base Phytovirologie - Plant Virology Vocabulary

Base suspension - Automobile's Suspension Vocabulary

Base Vergues - Ship's Mast Vocabulary (French - German - Italian - Spanish)

Cadenza Multi-lingual dictionary of musical terms (French - German - Serbian)

Les Cahiers de la vidéo - Film-making Vocabulary

Chroma - Colors Dictionary

CILF Orthonet's Collection of Specialized Dictionaries

English-French Dictionary of Common Computing Terms

Glossaire de termes automobiles - French-English Automobiles Dictionary

Dictionnaire de bactériologie vétérinaire

Dictionnaire des termes musicaux - Music Dictionary

Dictionnaire de termes nautiquos - Nautical Vocabulary (Portuguese - Spanish)

Andromeda Dictionnaire encyclopédique

Dictionnaire multilingue du cheval - Horse Dictionary (Spanish - German)

Le dictionnaire du net - Computers and Internet Dictionary

English-French Food Dictionary

E-commerce and E-marketing Glossaries

Glossaire de l'architecture romane - Roman Architecture Glossary

Dairy Glossary

Multimedia Acronyms Dictionary

Glossaire de termes relatifs à Internet - Internet Glossary

La Grand English-French / French-English Dictionnaire

Vocabulaire d'Internet

Dictionary of Genetics

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