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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have become familiar with the first 500 most used French words. Please, see the index of most used words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 401-500

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
401. école school noun
402. cher dear, beloved, darling, expensive adjective
403. chef leader, chief, head noun
404. tourner to turn, stir, toss, shoot (see #353) verb
405. cacher to hide, conceal verb
406. boulot work, job noun
407. pays country, nation, land (country) noun
408. ceux this one, that one (masculine plural) (see #345, 543) demonstrative pronoun
409. possible possbile adjective
410. expliquer to explain, account for verb
411. battre to beat verb
412. peine sorrow, grief, saddness, suffering noun
413. livre book; pound noun
414. agir to act, behave; work, take effect verb
415. imaginer to imagine, suppose verb
416. tour tower, castle, tour, ballot;languagedaily dot com noun
417. adorer to adore, love verb
418. vérité truth noun
419. recevoir to receive, to get verb
420. gentil kind, good, nice adjective
421. jeter to throw verb
422. pleurer verb
423. bébé baby noun
424. partie part; game noun
425. nouvelle new, fresh; french.languagedaily.com adjective
426. jeu play, game; hand, deck (cards) noun
427. amener to bring, take, bring about verb
428. instant instant, moment noun
429. parent relative, relation; parent noun
430. dur hard, tough, harsh adjective
431. service service, favor noun
432. plaisir pleasure noun
433. promettre to promise verb
434. mentir to lie verb
435. soeur (sœur) sister noun
436. bientôt soon, quickly, shortly adverb
437. lit bed noun
438. tellement so (to such an extent), so (very), so much adverb
439. utiliser to use verb
440. lieu place, site noun
441. coucher to put to bed, lay down, to sleep verb
442. presque almost, nearly adverb
443. dehors outside, outdoors adverb
444. passé past, last; the past, past tense adjective, noun
445. préférer to prefer verb
446. content happy, pleased, glad adjective
447. derrière behind preposition, adverb
448. con stupid jerk, bloody idiot; damned, bloody, stupid noun, adjective
449. offrir to offer, give verb
450. roi king noun
451. verre glass, drink noun
452. réveiller to awake, wake (smb.) up verb
453. aide assistant; help, assistance noun
454. d'abord foremost (most important), first adverb
455. journée day noun
456. préparer to prepare, make, get ready verb
457. numéro number noun
458. permettre to allow, permit verb
459. ramener to bring back , take back verb
460. enlever to take (smth.) away, remove, take off verb
461. calme peace, calmness; quiet, calm (see #529) noun, adjective
462. lâcher to let go of, to release verb
463. choisir to choose verb
464. musique music noun
465. conduire to drive, lead verb
466. faute mistake, error; fault; lack of noun
467. calmer to calm down, appease, sooth verb
468. dîner dinner; to have dinner noun, verb
469. mariage marriage, wedding noun
470. bureau writing desk, study (room), office noun
471. route road, journey, way noun
472. chanter to sing verb
473. secret secret; secretive noun, adjective
474. disparaître to disappear, vanish verb
475. lever to raise, lift verb
476. dessus on top; top adverb, noun
477. présenter to introduce, present verb
478. accepter to accept verb
479. baiser kiss; to shag, screw, fuck verb, noun
480. sinon otherwise, or else, except conjunction
481. idiot idiot; stupid noun, adjective
482. long long, lengthy adjective
483. café coffee, café (bar) noun
484. propre clean, tidy adjective
485. confiance trust, confidence, belief noun
486. cinq five numerical adjective
487. bonsoir good evening, good night noun
488. compte count, number noun
489. téléphone telephone, phone noun
490. casser to break, shatter verb
491. prochain next adjective
492. frapper to hit, strike, blow verb
493. facile easy adjective
494. rêve dream noun
495. copain friend, boyfriend noun
496. malade ill, sick adjective
497. rue street noun
498. bas low; bottom adjective, noun
499. lettre letter noun
500. ignorer not to know, to ignore verb


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