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1000 Most Common French Words

This page continues the list of most common French words along with their English translation. By now, you should have become familiar with the first 600 most used French words. Please, see the index of most used words at the bottom of this page to jump to any part of the frequency list.

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Most Used French words 501-600

Rank French word English translation Part of speech
501. fête party, celebration noun
502. couper to cut, cut off verb
503. esprit mind, brain, wit, spirit, esprit noun
504. taire to be silent, stop talking verb
505. seigneur lord (e Seigneur = the Lord) noun
506. flic cop, policeman noun
507. parfois sometimes adverb
508. capitaine captain noun
509. âge age noun
510. autant so much, so many adverb
511. force force, strength noun
512. pièce room; play; coin; piece noun
513. quatre four numerical adjective
514. cul bum, ass noun
515. difficile difficult, strenuous, hard adjective
516. bras arm noun
517. tromper to deceive; to make a mistake verb
518. surtout above all adverb
519. ressembler to look like, to resemble verb
520. jurer to swear verb
521. plan map, plan, layout noun
522. prison prison, jail noun
523. sale dirty adjective
524. courir to run, rush verb
525. haut high, elevated; top noun, adjective
526. état state noun
527. remettre to put back; hand over; postpone; put back on verb
528. carte map, card; french.languagedaily.com noun
529. paix peace, calmness; quiet, calm (see #461) noun
530. exactement exactly, accurately, precisely adverb
531. drôle funny, peculiar adjective
532. refuser to refuse, turn down verb
533. dès from preposition
534. président president, chairman noun
535. cours class, course noun
536. grave serious, grave, solemn adjective
537. terminer to end, finish verb
538. ciel sky noun
539. partout everywhere adverb
540. âme soul noun
541. patron boss, manager, owner noun
542. amuser to amuse, entertain verb
543. celle the one, that one (feminine singular) (see #345, 408) demonstrative pronoun
544. visage face noun
545. intéresser to interest verb
546. reconnaître to recognize, acknowledge verb
547. rire to laugh, have fun, joke verb
548. médecin doctor, physician, medical practitioner, MD (see #363) noun
549. rapport report, connection, link, relationship noun
550. pardonner to forgive, pardon, excuse verb
551. avis opinion; notice noun
552. embrasser to kiss; to embrace, encompass verb
553. retour return; french.languagedaily.com noun
554. laquelle which one = (le + quelle) (feminine singular) (see #578) relative pronoun, interrogative pronoun
555. simple simple adjective
556. danser to dance verb
557. exister to exist verb
558. différent different, various, other adjective
559. souvent often adverb
560. lumière light noun
561. génial great, brilliant adjective
562. libre free, vacant adjective
563. dollar dollar noun
564. sûrement surely, certainly, most probably adverb
565. pareil the same adjective
566. hôpital hospital noun
567. ceci this (formal contexts; refers to nouns that have no specific gender) (see #20, 203) demonstrative pronoun
568. réussir to be successful, succeed verb
569. bizarre odd, starnge, bizarre adjective
570. voix voice noun
571. protéger to protect verb
572. honneur honor (US), honour noun
573. tôt early adverb
574. équipe team, crew, party noun
575. prévenir to tell, inform, prevent verb
576. cheval horse noun
577. ailleurs elsewhere, somewhere else adverb
578. lequel which one = (le + quel) (masculine singular) (see #554) relative pronoun, interrogative pronoun
579. maître master, ruler, mistress, school teacher noun
580. avion plane noun
581. bout bit, tip, end noun
582. habiter to live in verb
583. faim hunger noun
584. ensuite then, next, afterwards adverb
585. l'un a, an, one (replaces 'un' when 'un' is a pronoun or at the beginning of a sentence) (see #14) indefinite pronoun
586. froid cold adjective
587. normal normal, usual adjective
588. déranger to disturb, upset verb
589. reprendre to recapture, take back verb
590. oncle uncle noun
591. prix price; prize noun
592. retard delay, lateness noun
593. détruire to destroy, ruin verb
594. cadeau present, gift noun
595. pousser to push, press verb
596. face face; heads noun
597. gueule mouth noun
598. chemin path, way noun
599. vivant vibrant, living, alive adjective
600. général general (military) noun


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