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Review of free online French language courses.

French Steps from BBC
Highly recommended online course for beginners from BBC. This course consists of 24 short units that teach you practical spoken French. The topics of the lessons will help you to ask for directions, order meals, go shopping, introduce yourself, talk about jobs, and to understand predictable things that people will say to you. The features of the course include slideshows that introduce spoken French and a large variety of exercises on vocabulary, speaking, writing and sentence structure.

Jacques Léon's French Language Course
This free course mostly focuses on the grammatical aspects of the French language. It covers the basics of pronunciation, articles and genders, verbs and pronouns, sentences structure, comparisons and some other grammar topics. Developed by Jacques Léon who lives in Paris, France.

Hervé Foucher's French Tutorial
This step-by-step French tutorial with audio will introduce you to the basics of French pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The Standard Edition is available free.