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French Nouns

A collection of lessons, links and resources to help you master all the aspects of French nouns.

Noun Gender
Learn to determine the gender of French nouns based on logic, noun meaning and gender rules. Then take your comprehension to the test with a dozen Trial by Fire exercises.

Noun Gender and Plurals
The gender and number of French nouns explained. Learn how to tell the difference between masculine and feminine nouns and form the plurals. Includes a list of common French nouns for you to memorize.

French Noun Gender Endings
An excellent essay intended to assist English speakers in learning the gender of French nouns. Learn typical masculine and feminine endings of French nouns.

Gender of nouns and Articles
This French lesson covers grammatical gender, definite and indefinite articles, and subject pronouns.

Gender of a French noun – ‘le’ vs. ‘la’
Some general rules and patterns that will help you decide whether a word is masculine or feminine.