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French Pronouns

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French Object Pronouns
The object pronouns are called so because they replace the object in a sentence. This lesson teaches two types of the object pronouns--direct and indirect.

French Relative Pronouns
Relative pronouns are words like “who,” “which,” or “that” which are used to introduce a relative clause. This lesson includes a list of relative pronouns, English translations and explanations.

French Direct Object Pronouns
The direct French pronouns replace the direct object in a sentence. They answer the questions “whom” or “what?” and refer to a person, place, thing or idea.

French Indirect Object Pronouns
The indirect French pronouns refer to a person towards whom the action of the verb is being performed. They answer the questions “whom?” or “what? and can only refer to the people.

French Demonstrative Pronouns
If a noun was mentioned in the sentence before, it is common to use French demonstrative pronouns to refer to that noun again. This lesson teaches such demonstrative pronouns as: this one, that one, the one, these, those.

French Interrogati ve Pronouns
An explanation on French interrogative pronouns What, Who, Whom, Which, Which one from wikipedia.