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Bilingual French Dictionaries

Collins French Dictionary
This French dictionary has over 250,000 translations and growing. Translate terms between French, English, Spanish and other languages.

Ectaco Handheld Dictionaries
French electronic dictionaries available for purchase from Ectaco, the leading manufacturer of translation electronic devices.

ARTFL French-English Dictionary
Started as a project by the French government in 1957, this French language dictionary has become one of the best free references available online.

Neil Coffey's French-English Dictionary
This dictionary contains around 36,000 word entries, 20,000 compounds and expressions, and 88,000 translations. Only French words can be looked up at this time.

A very simple English-French-English dictionary that covers general vocabulary. No transcription or pronunciation guidelines is provided.

French-English dictionary
Look up English translations for more than 167,000 French terms.

French<-->Spanish dictionary
This general dictionary has a neat interface and translates between French and Spanish.

French<-->Swedish dictionary
Find two-way translations and grammatical notes for French and Swedish words.

Latin-French dictionary
This dictionary, compiled by Dr. Jean-Claude Hassid, has a handy alphabetical index on the main page and contains over 36,000 terms.

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